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Your labor costs are on the rise.  Next week's schedule isn't ready yet and you are in the middle of launching a new training program for your staff.  Don't forget, you also need to hit this month's labor taget, run table and address your increasing staff turnover.  We understand, in a restaurant time is limited to do this so wrong when margins are thin.


7Shifts is here to help.


By taking the work out of scheduling, labor management and team communication, we help restaurant operators and employees reclaim valuable time and save money doing it.


No more scattered sticky notes, no more broken Excel spreadsheets and way less time in the back office.   With 7Shifts, staff availability, team chat and shift notes are all in one place.


With all the info handy, you or your managers will be ready to publish schedules quickly and instantly update your staff via text, app and din-app.


7Shifts also integrates with your restaurant point of sale system helping you schedule the staff you need before you know you need them, by forecasting your sales and labor requirements.  And because your schedules are shaped by your restaurant sales and labor they will always be accurate, labor compliant and respectful of your staff's availability.


On top of all that, 7Shifts comes with integrated time clock to help you and your staff manage  Time and Attendance from anywhere on any device.  So what's your goal?   You want to expand from four locations to 24?

Ready to reduce labor costs beyond what you ever thought to be possible all or do you just want to have your time back?


No matter what your goals are, 7Shifts has the tools for you, your restaurant and your staff.


Get started today at


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