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We are an EZ-Chow affordable POS online ordering integration solutions.


You need and want to increase sales for your restaurant.


Customers want to save time by ordering online.  By 2020, most carry out delivery orders will be initiated online, you have an expensive and robust POS.   Extend the functionality of your POS by offering integrated online ordering, you don't want additional hardware or need more training.  You have worked in establishing your brand.

EZ-Chow affordable POS on line ordering solution can help.


We will develop a custom on line ordering site built using your current website branding including color scheme, fonts, etcetera.  Customers' orders will go directly to your POS appearing to the kitchen as originating from directly inside the store, all your existing reports will continue to work.


We can even use your existing credit card processor, so you get paid on the same schedule you currently do.


You will have access to the massive amount of customer information, including e mail address and phone numbers for direct to customer text messaging.  At your discretion, we can build a marketing plan that will exponentially increase your orders and sync ticket sales.


Let's get started today, visit and start on a path to charting the carry out delivery aspect of your business into a high revenue producing channel.


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