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Kiosk POS




Reduce Labor Costs with Self Service



Micros - Mid Atlantic Kiosk POS - Point-of-Sale provide a self service solution, it is simple, easy-to-use with a fully integrated customer information or self-ordering device.  Running on robust Micros hardware or any other appropriate hardware device, our scalable kiosk solution can be mixed and matched with traditional POS terminals or hand-held devices in any installation to increase your revenue, reduce labor costs, and provide a reasonable ROI.

Tall silver Micros Kiosk with Scale and POS screen



Features and Benefits:



  • Increased number of customers to add to top line revenue
  • Faster service, improving customer satisfaction to gain loyal, repeat customers
  • Reduced order taking staff, lowering labor costs
  • Increased competitive advantage by servicing more customers faster
  • Displaying promotions, specials, or even sell advertising to display when the system is idle
  • Marketing and Loyalty Tools
  • Improved order accuracy and consequently reduced food waste







Deliver an array of content directly to the customer



Desktop black and silver Micros Kiosk with Scale POS screen, Scanner and Credit Card Terminal

Our Kiosk solutions provide a cutting edge, convenient method of ordering for the customer. Kiosks present information and transactions on demand, at the customer's preferred speed, while increasing operational efficiency and customer through-put  for the business.  Improved access to services and shorter lines save time for both customers and employees. Business operators can benefit from the ability to track users and statistics, as well as from up-selling opportunities.





Design the Kiosk to meet your needs



Intuitive screens allow customers to place their own orders.  Fully customizable as it is possible to add any type of artwork, images, icons, audio, and video can be incorporated for a simple and easy configuration.  Business operators can display promotional information, specials, or even sell advertisements to place on the kiosk.  Customer feedback mechanisms can be implemented to provide critical business information directly from the customer.

                                  Tall black and silver Micros Kiosk with Scale and POS screen

Media support allows for buttons to link screens for kiosk terminals POS operations, and for training purposes.  Prompts allow for languages to be switched at sign in. There are too many features to list to find out more, contact us to schedule a demo and consultation appointment.

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