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OpenEye Web Services



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Deploying and managing a video security solution can be complicated and time consuming, especially as you increase the number of users and locations, constantly adding or removing employees keeping systems on line updating, software and making sure it is all secure and running smoothly can become quite the balancing act.


Open Eye Web Services is here to change that.


We simplify the process by moving these functions to the cloud saving you time and giving you an easier to use more secure video security system OWS combines the performance and reliability of local recording with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud.


We avoid the problems of systems that record to the cloud by keeping the recorder on site so you can record at higher resolutions, retain video for longer periods and avoid reliance on expensive high speed Internet for recording or viewing video.



While leveraging the cloud's strength to give you features like conveniently centralized management of users and devices so changes take effect instantly exporting video to the cloud for safe keeping and securely sharing it with other users to a password protected links and set in motion and sensor alerts to notify you when the doors opened after hours or motion is detected in a restricted location.  OpenEye Web Services reduces the burden IT with complete remote administration and software updates, remote health monitoring of recorders and cameras and advanced networking tools that reduce setup time and ensure a reliable connection regardless of changes to your network, most importantly OWS is either secure exposing your network to less risk protecting user accounts with multi factor authentication and securing your data in industry leading data centers for maximum security and availability.



Improve your video surveillance ROI with a more secure and reliable solution that streamline operations and reduce the system maintenance costs.



OpenEye Web Services cloud manage video surveillance.


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