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Micros Mid Atlantic


Micros POS - Video Transcript


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Micros is changing the way the world looks and food service by focusing on

streamlining business through our industry leading technology capitalizing on innovation and driving business to a seamless network of business systems. In today's ever increasing digital landscape Micros is leading the way through innovation focusing on connected technology that optimizes your business.


Creating a three hundred and sixty degree interaction that takes your business to new frontiers and into the hands of your customers of food service experience that fits your guests life and streamlined your business.  Complete connectivity between your staff and your customers across all platforms.  But at the same time providing real time business data leading to better business decisions while minimizing any inefficiencies.  A solution that connects your business to your consumers via their most utilized distribution channels with the level of connectivity and integration that redefines guest services and it's all coupled with the intelligence to improve your business, increasing the accuracy and speed of service with durable and reliable solutions backed by a global infrastructure and dependable support coverage.


Micros is focus on taking your business to the next level increasing sales opportunities through innovation that enables the adaptability needed to manage any size operation and the technology to provide a service experience like never before.


With Micros your business becomes interconnected with your customers lives creating a relationship rather than just a transaction, simplifying the sales process while allowing for new opportunities we are talking about a customized engagement designed to continually interact allowing you to create a timeless hospitality experience while gaining the kind of business intelligence that drives your bottom line.  Supported by industry leading technology that streamline operations while enhancing opportunities.  It's the complete solution centralized and scalable network functionality is made possible through data centers placed around the world.  All of this functionality is supported by the specialist that make up Micros' data hosting team with customers in more than one hundred eighty countries and on all seven continents Micros is the preeminent partner for all hospitality and retail technology needs.  That's why Micros is the preeminent partner for your technology needs.


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I am running my Restaurants in a better way and planning my day using real time tools that allow me to make better decisions.  I'm keeping an eye on forecast success and then I'm checking out what's happening right now from the overall organization.  Down to a single store.  I'm communicating with my managers and staff.  I'm controlling my profitability.  I am measuring key performance indicators.  I am rewarding store and staff performance.  I am enhancing guest loyalty and staff performance. I am getting alerts for important things I don't already know. I am aware and I am in power with Micros.


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An amazing idea just became reality from conceptual design into the hands of hospitality and retail merchants worldwide.  Micros introduces the next generation platform with the revolutionary design in an unprecedented mobility that redefines the way you serve your guests, fluid, sweeping, expressive, bold yet minimal, this is the inspiration behind this is the sculpted form factor, the new micro mStation, impressive styling simple lines complemented by the brand and experience you've grown to trust.


Designed that says efficiency and performance that enables your business to succeed the Micros mtablet it's an elegant yet durable device purpose built for the hospitality and retail space unlike other tablets it's unique daylight viewable technology with extended battery life makes this device perfect for both indoor and outdoor use weather resistant and with integrated payment processing you can accept payments from nearly anywhere.  The Micros mStation provides unparalleled conductivity to a wide range of devices including cash drawers, printers, scanners, displays, scales or other peripherals.  It's sleek form factor is attractive and versatile allowing the mTablet to be displayed in both portrait and landscape mode, service untethered, the optional battery allows us this device to operate completely unplugged in remote service areas, combine the two you have the revolutionary Micros mStation, beautiful, smart, adaptable this flexible and versatile platform offers all the capabilities you will expect and provides you the incredible ability to deliver service on your own terms, Micros changing the game.


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